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Founder of Pauline Family







Pictures @ Mass of Thanksgiving

at St. Christopher's church in San Jose, CA-July 19, 2003


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"To join the contemplative life to activity is to form the most perfect life. Burn brightly and cast light! Two things are meritorious: personal sanctification and zeal for God's glory."

Blessed Fr. Alberione: Founder of Pauline Family

  • Fr. James Alberione was born on April 4, 1884 in Piedmont, North Italy.

  • His normal day began during the night, took seriously the invitation of Jesus to pray always.

  • When he was young (16 years old), he was aware that he would express in the typically Alberionian prayer: "By myself, I can do nothing. With God I can do everything."

  • As the first day of the twentieth century was dawning in the cathedral, something extraordinary was happening to him! He had always firmly believed in the Real Presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, but now he knew Jesus was there, looking lovingly down on him, forgiving his sins, encouraging his hesitancy, even suggesting the unthinkable: that he, James, the least of the students present, should actually do something special for HIM in the years ahead.

  • After no less than four hours of fervent prayer, young James would describe this traumatic spiritual experience in his laconic and understated way:

"A special light came from the Host, a greater understanding of the invitation extended by Jesus: 'Come to me, all of you…' He needed to understand the heart of the great Pope, the calls sent out by the Church, the true mission of the priest… He felt deeply obliged to prepare himself to do something for God and for the people of the new century with whom he would live."

  • Also, "You were born of the EUCHARIST. Your food is the EUCHARIST. Your spirituality is the GOSPEL lived in its entirety as explained by St. Paul. Your mother and model is MARY."
  • At the age of 24, after becoming a priest and finishing his doctorate in theology, he was assigned to be the Spiritual Director. He was outstandingly successful since it was the happiest of his life.
  • Besides traditional spiritual needs such as pastoral ministry, youth work, care of the poor and sick, the foreign missions, other aspects of the plan of God were developing: "mass communications" -- to defend the Church and spread the Good News; religious congregations of priests, brothers and sisters--an entire "Family"; his project under the title of the Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life--St. Paul Apostle and Mary Queen of Apostles and the Rosary.
  • He founded Society of St. Paul in 1914--apostolate to the press, Daughter of St. Paul in 1915--evangelization with radio, film, TV, and mini-media, Sisters Disciples of Divine Master in 1924--dedicated to the Eucharist, the liturgy and the priesthood, Pastorelle Sisters in 1938--to aid in pastoral ministry, Apostoline Sisters, Gabrielites--single men, Annunciationists-single women, Institute of the Holy Family, Institute of Jesus the Priest--diocesan clergy (during 1950s), and the Pauline Cooperators.
  • He encourages his daughters and sons to extend abroad over the world as of today
  • Even in the final years of his life, he frequently recited the Rosary. Every morning he said Mass and every evening he went to confession
  • November 26, 1971, he died after the visit of Holy Father, Paul VI. He still muttered with "I'm praying for everyone," "Hail Mary," "Ave Maria!" He had begun life with the name of Mary on his lips and he died pronouncing that same sublime name.

"Here he is, humble, silent, tireless, always watchful, always recollected with his thoughts, which run from prayer to work in accordance with the traditional dictum: PRAY AND WORK."

Summarized by A. Nguyen


You were born of the EUCHARIST. Your food is the EUCHARIST. Your spirituality is the GOSPEL lived in its entirety as explained by St. Paul. Your mother and model is MARY.

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